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Meet Our Team

Jason Lamb - Project Manager

Jason Lamb is our project manager at Everclear Pools and Spas. We like to say that Jason is like the Steve Jobs of Apple but within the pool industry due to his incredible efficiency and wide range of accessibility to the skills and knowledge required in his position. Jason  will be able to walk you through your entire project with confidence from start to finish 
If you have a question about swimming pools, Jason will have the 
Jason Lamb - 250-870-7946(SWIM)

Deven Pakish - Owner

Deven Pakish, the owner of Everclear Pools and Spas, began Everclear Pools back in 2006 with nothing but a compelling vision. Deven orchestrated the company with set standards, systems and employees that complimented each other in a beautiful way. Since then, Everclear has become the most dominant swimming pool builder in western Canada. 

Rhys Wolfe - Owner

Rhys Wolfe is a vital part of Everclear's continual success due to his powerful bandwidth of knowledge and skill within the industry. Rhys is an integral part of creating our positive company culture and helping deliver optimal results for all of our clients. 

Rhys Wolfe - 250-575-2358

Jessica Koster - Office Manager

Jessica Koster is our other office manager. Jessica can help to point you in the right direction no matter what your question or concern may be.
Jessica enjoys being able to help all of our clients feel comfortable and secure as a client of Everclear Pools to ensure that you receive a wonderful product and a fantastic customer experience.

Jessica Koster - 250-870-8469

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